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  • Mountainous country in the Central European area
  • Numerous lakes, villages and high peaks of the Alps
  • Medieval quarters like Bern’s Zytgloggle clock tower and the wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne
  • Ski resorts and hiking trails
  • Breathtaking beauty of nature, flora and fauna in summer
  • Deep snow for skiing and snowboarding in winter

What’s important in celebrating your wedding day is bringing smiles to the faces not only of every couple, but also of family and friends who are there to experience a romantic day. Switzerland has so much to offer whether you are interested in having a wedding during summer or winter season.

In summer, you can hold an outdoor wedding ceremony with the Swiss Alps as your backdrop, and hills filled with flowers just like in the Sound of Music musical. And in winter, you can be wedded in resorts with the snow-capped mountains as your backrop which makes it more magical. There are also ancient chapels and picturesque churches available for a religious wedding ceremony.

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Dream Wedding in Switzerland