wedding in italy


  • Home to greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Country in Southern Europe
  • Long stretch of Mediterranean coastline
  • Famous capital city of Rome
  • Home to the Vatican
  • Known for its culture, cuisine, landmark art and ancient ruins
  • Home to famous cities
  • Florence boasting Renaissance masterpieces including Michelangelo’s “David”
  • Venice known as the city of canals
  • Milan, Italy’s fashion capital
  • Italian regions offering natural and beautiful scenery

Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding? Then your dream can come true! Exchange your wedding vows and spend your special day in a lovely country famous for its romance style. Its beautiful villas, historical locations, sumptuous cuisine and breathtaking views make Italy a perfect wedding destination!

There are a lot of wedding spaces available for you in different Italian regions, such as traditional Italian villas, grand hotel ballrooms, historical villas and other spaces perfect for your special day! If you are more into an Italian beach wedding, Capri is a perfet destination for you! If you are interested in a yacht ceremony, you can cruise the Amalfi Coast.

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Dream Wedding in Italy