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  • Perfect location
  • Vivid and scenic views of its villages
  • Beautiful trails and tracks
  • Waterways with numerous lovely bars and restaurants
  • Rural land stretching towards the Shannon banks
  • Biggest green space to its coastal touring route
  • Mountains to climb
  • Art galleries to visit

Ireland, also known as Emerald Isle, is becoming a popular international wedding destination. Ireland is famous for its mild climate and welcoming nature. Its scenic, passionate and romantic location offers different wedding spaces for your special day. A variaty of spaces, from small fishing villages to luxurious castle estates with never-ending natural beauty, makes this country a perfect location for any wedding.

Most weddings in Ireland are church or religious weddings. A church wedding ceremony in Ireland varies from one region to another, or, even, from one church to another. For an intimate civil wedding ceremony and reception, there are a lot of castles available to host these events. These castles feature beautifully-landscaped gardens with picturesque views that date back to ancient times. So, Ireland is surely a perfect location for the wedding of your dreams!

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Dream Wedding in Ireland